Do to others as you would have them do to you

I am back now from the Dolomites, after having seen that Northern Italy is doing very well from tourism. German and Italian Mercedes, and other big cars filled all the parking spaces, and the motorway traffic jam to Italy stretched all the way from Munich. Back here in Finland most of the restaurants and many shops are closed for a month because we just don’t like tourism – country folk and foreigners visiting Helsinki…
I have now read through the Euro Summit letter to Greece, approved by our 3S’s, and makes interesting reading. The letter refers to the “OECD Toolkit Recommendations”. This is a document that, at best, is a mish mash of confusing statements and references to hundreds of “studies” proving that competition is beneficial to consumers. I expect few people ever read it and if they did there would be a huge outcry.
I am no friend of Greece, they really need to get their house in order but this letter to Greece includes demands that are totally unacceptable here in Finland and most other places in Europe.
The list includes the following demands that are clearly not observed here in Finland:
1. Shops be open on Sundays, and that opening hours be unrestricted.
2. Liquor should be available in shops every day of the week.
3. No restrictions on pharmacies ownership and placement.
4. More competition in the dairy, telephone and banking markets.
5. Ferries should be open to competition.
6. Privatization of energy and energy transmission markets.
7. …and many others of which I will not bore you now…
So I am now waiting for Sipilä to introduce these measure here… I will not hold my breath!