The 3 S's and their colleagues need to wake up to reality...

Sitting here in one Italian Alta Pusteria valley between the towering Dolomite mountains, my wife and I have been following the Greek drama as it unfolds. I am unable to stop my pen from scribbling…

Are Finnish voters fools and our ministers clueless?

1. Wasn’t the present administration voted into power with a mandate NOT to increase our exposure on Greece? That is a promise to voters in the April election – what has changed since then?
2. Will Greek politician and public officers suddenly become efficient mangers of their economy?
3. Does anyone believe for one moment that corruption and nepotism will disappear overnight in Greece?
4. Can any country really repay debts that represent 200% of GDP?
5. Why should Finns not object to take on German and French bank debt obligations to Greek borrowers?
6. In fact why are our politicians wasting so much time in Brussels on matters that are of really little concern for Finland. We have over 10% unemployment and rising; 15 Finnish companies are running monopolies that are as equally bad as any Greek monopoly. We have far too many municipalities, too many regulations and trade unions that are making far too many demands on SME’s and the service sector. And Fennovoima and Talvivaara – Center party pig barrels???

The Finnish government needs to wake up to reality…