How Sonera deals with customers

I have used Saunalahti for almost 20 years for broadband and mobile, but an offer from Sonera appeared much cheaper, so I decided to try it out. Two weeks later I cancelled my contracts and returned to Saunalahti! The experience was hair-raising and typical of these big pseudo monopolies. There were 8 major problems:

  1. The final cost of Sonera’s basic services was twice what I paid to Saunalahti.
  2. Sonera’s 50MG broadband ended up delivering 2,5MG to 3MG to my WiFi installation when Saunalahti’s 10MG service delivered 3,5MG to 5MG.
  3. Saunalahti has a really excellent free help desk – Sonera has a service called Helpson that costs more than 2€ a minute! Rip-off…
  4. The Helpson technicians were not able to help me with basic WiFi problems.
  5. I spent over 10 hours of my time trying to get Sonera’s systems working.
  6. The waiting time for Sonera’s customer line this last two weeks over 15 minutes for 10 of my calls = almost 3 hours!
  7. The 4G Sonera offered me produced EDGE/2G/3G most of the time.
  8. When I cancelled Sonera’s contract within the 15 day period they cut my broadband service in 5 minutes!

I am now a happy Saunalahti customer once more. Sonera managed to provide the worst customer service I have ever seen. What do the regulators have to say about this? I pity older folk who cannot stand up for themselves.