Here are the new mafia from Italy at Arlanda and Helsinki airports…

I was in Stockholm last week and bought a coffee and sandwich at Arlanda Airport using my Mastercard. I pressed the button giving it the right to debit my card in Euro’s for the SEK70 cost of the food. The machine then gave me an invoice saying that the exchange rate is SEK8,95=€1. It was followed by the following statement: “I accept the conversion rate & final amount… I have chosen not to use the Mastercard currency conversion process and agree that I will have no recourse…” All of this came after I pressed the button so it has no legal basis; and the exchange rate was 4,5% worse that what Mastercard would have used that same day.
That is daylight robbery from an Italian Benetton company, HMS Host, whose Official Vision states:
“To be the undisputed traveler centric and trustful travel food & beverage company in the world.”
They are not only cheats but they are also liars… they deliberately mislead people by deception to pay more than they should and then claim to be the best and most trustworthy! Our Helsinki Airport has the same operator, HMS Host, running the restaurants, so hold on to your wallets, ladies and gentlemen.