Bank pay is too high

I have worked in banking and finance for 45 years and I am seldom surprised by what goes on. I have seen so much greed and unsavory banking practices. I have no illusions about the sector and very little confidence that things will improve quickly. When banks get dominance in their own market the bad starts to get worse. A good example of this was published this week in Talouselämä on page 22. Of the 65 bank managers listed, 30 were from the OP banking group who earned between EUR 145 000 to EUR 1 400 000. It appears the cooperative banking system, where members are meant to benefit, has lost its way! Many of these salaries are way out of line – how can a small cooperative bank manager in small towns like Raaspori (pop. 28 000) justify EUR 17 000 monthly salary! How many SME owners in that area receive such high earnings. This is the result of oligopoly behavior.