Bad bank behavior

I have documentary evidence of how Nordea has been selling pension fund products to a colleague’s 75 year old mother who has some savings and a very small pension. The bank knew she suffered from dementia yet they troubled her with phone calls and meetings. The salesperson made every effort to sell expensive pension plans and high risk investment funds. These products are totally unsuitable to her present condition. She could not even recall the content of the meetings, let alone make considered decisions. I advised the mother’s daughter to ask for written offers but no clear information was given. There was no description of the investment costs, nor of actual risks. She finally received 15 pages of finely printed text that even I found challenging to understand. None of the investment portfolios were actually described because they were actually combinations of fund of funds within the Nordea family of funds. Her life savings of EUR 150 000 was already highly diversified and managed by the bank. There was no question, in my opinion, that the salesperson was trying an easy way to earn commissions by churning the account. The mother only really needed access to her cash with reduced risks from exposure to the stock market. Her last relatively lucid years need to be enjoyed by her and not by the bank at her expense. Luckily her daughter has stopped this rather evil activity and taken control of the process.