A weekend in Copenhagen works well

Last weekend we enjoyed a very full program in Copenhagen. From Friday to Sunday evening, no tourist is left feeling lonely in this city, unlike Helsinki, where many restaurants are closed on Sunday and even on Monday. Copenhagen’s so many restaurants, cafes, and its new covered market are open on Sunday for full service.
Our hotel, SP34, served the most delicious breakfasts, quiet rooms, and a free glass of wine during the happy hour. It is no wonder they have 95% occupancy rates since opening in April.
The new, privately owned, covered market, just a stone’s throw from Norreport, offers some of the best meals, food specialties and wine in Copenhagen on Saturday and Sunday. Delicious smörgås heavens from Tivoli Hallen, Restaurant Schønnemann, and Restaurant Kronborg have never been replicated in Helsinki. Cultural diversity seems to pay off too with many excellent ethnic restaurants. Service from staff is swift and friendly. Our waiters and waitresses told us that they do not get paid overtime, even at weekends. As a result there was no shortage of staff and entrepreneurs who want to give good service cheerfully – and nobody expects tips…