Silence is golden..?

Pekka Vataja wrote an excellent piece in HS this week about Finland blind’s support for Greece. Looking at the financial crisis regarding Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal, the main creditor banks were from Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland and the US. Finnish creditors had no material involvement. I wrote about this in Forum för ekonomi och teknik in 2011 “Teenage ministers…” and again in 2012, “Your tax money is going down the drain…”
It is amazing that EU leaders and the members of the Euro Summit do not demand that all countries that are benefiting from the bailout should put their money on the table too. How can Cameron and and Obama be allowed to demand that the Euro area put their house in order when they do not lift a finger to contribute. It was their banks that were the big lenders too.
And on a domestic note, I did not know that ministers have trade unions that demand that they go on holiday when unemployment is over 10% and rising.
I did not know that the Greece’s economic problems are more important than the problems facing the Finnish economy.
I did not know that fascist discussion was permitted for members of governing political parties but forbidden when in opposition.
Three months or 100 days after the general election it appears that the 3S’s have done very little to restore confidence – but some say that silence is golden…