Finland’s own Saarinen Ateneum Art Gallery

Finland has the opportunity of a lifetime to take over Saarinen’s world class Railway Station Building and turn it into a Finnish “Guggenheim” a million times better than the US model.

Why build another one when you have an incredible world-class building already?

Why use an American franchise when we can expand the remit of Ateneum to bring its existing national and international network of classic and modern art to this architectural wonder?

Why ruin a beautiful building by turning it over to hotel, construction companies and shop owners.

Do you really want to have a lot of fat cats buying up expensive houses there?

Saarinen’s creation can easily be turned into a wonderful national art gallery the likes of the Tate and MoMA – Ateneum can be given the chance of a lifetime…

Isn’t this something for ordinary folk and business to cheer about?