Comptel is smart to benefit from Slush spill-over effect

Finland has a strong market position in the global mobile IT market. Nokia and NSN created a broad eco-system of expertize even though the people have now moved on to new endeavors. Many big international telecom giants come to Finland this week because they like what we are able to do for them.

Comptel was smart to arrange an “anti-seminar” called #Nexterday North here in Helsinki. It was a Slush 2015 “add-in” that attracted many senior figures from the international telecom companies and their partners. The event fits in with Slush. Grey heads get to meet on the eve of Slush where the young and young at heart entrepreneurial startups meet under intense LED lights in venues packed with potential partners and investors.

Comptel supplies telecom operators at home and abroad with IT solutions for their networks. Originally it was modest spin-off from Elisa that has flourished under the stewardship of Juhani Hintikka, the CEO of Comptel the last 3 years.

Their smart software digs into data to make sense of what consumers are doing. Every time you call somebody, click on Google or Facebook, watch a film, buy a book from Amazon or simply send an email, you are creating huge amounts of data that Comptel can track and analyze to help the companies to plan better services and use of their networks.

Comptel has made an extraordinary contribution to technical development. It has been able to take a leading role in mega data analysis in the home and export markets. Its software can operate in real time with the operators system and identify opportunities, risks and trends on the go.

It is a rather extraordinary animal because its strengths are not in bricks and mortar, nor in chips and sophisticated equipment. Their great management and IT staff can turn out software products that compete with the likes of giants like Ericsson, NetCracker, Oracle, and Amdocs.

Reliance and Bharti, the 2 biggest companies in India had their men at the event, together with Softbank, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Tele2 – all giants in their own markets. Comptel has some way to go, but their present track record and results are impressive.